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Careful Sourcing


Only the best quality is frozen.

Unparalleled expertise and purchasing power

There is always an imbalance between fish supply and demand throughout the year.

The better the supply, the better the quality of fish.

At our company, we take advantage of the timing and buy in large quantities from production areas, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, and quickly freeze them.In addition, from the large quantities of fish we purchase, we select only those that will not lose its quality even after freezing.


Purchasing power that brings in fish from all over the country

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We have been specializing in the wholesale of high-quality fresh fish for many years, and we are spreading the know-how of our buyers nationwide without compromise.

We select the place of origin and time of year for each fresh fish from our company, and make reasonable requests to each market and fisherman, while taking into account weather, tides, and market prices.The repetition of this process has enabled us to understand our commitment and to collect only the highest quality fresh fish from various regions.

These connections have also facilitated the collection of information when there is an imbalance between supply and demand, and have succeeded in increasing the speed of our purchasing, improving quality, and stabilizing prices.

This is our "purchasing power that attracts fish from all over the country.

skilled connoisseur

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It all comes down to the collective strength of our knowledge and experience.

Focusing on each type of fish according to its region and time of year, we grasp the fish as a whole by its shape, luster, color, and the way it is covered with scales, and in detail by the tension of its flesh, thickness of its belly skin, and thickness of its tail.

The ability to see a fish from multiple perspectives is what "skilled connoisseurship" is all about. Instead of looking at each requirement singly, one looks at all the requirements comprehensively.It may feel like there is "addition" and "subtraction," plus "multiplication, all in order to lead to "delicious to eat".

Direct shipments arrive daily from all over!

We have a high level of information capability through our  cooperation with local brokers, and we deliver even small quantities of goods by our own delivery service!

Fresh fish are shipped directly from Hokkaido in the north to Kumamoto (Amakusa) in Kyushu in the south every day.

We have a smooth relationship with local fishing ports, so we can quickly respond to rare fish that cannot be found anywhere else and products immediately after the opening of the fishing season by the various fishing cooperatives. We deliver fish that can only be found in the local area, as well as the best fish available.

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​Stable supply with two types of shipment direct from the producer and from the market

Our two methods of procurement, directly from all over Japan and through market auctions, enable us to provide a stable supply of the best fish directly from the place of origin, as well as rare fish that are hard to find elsewhere.Unlike most wholesalers, we use two methods to purchase fish, which allows us to offer a wide variety of products and a stable procurement situation, which is beneficial to our customers in various situations.

Please feel free to contact us regardless of the size of the order lot.

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An example of seasonal processed products

Ainame、Aoriika、Isaki、Iseebi、Kamasu、tennenKanpachi、tennenShimaaji、Kisu、Kinmedai、Kurumaebi、Sayori、Toko、Tsubugai、Tobiuo、Hamaguri、Hotaruika、Shirauo、Noresore、Honmasu、Botanebi、Kenkenkatsuo、Namashirasu etc…


Aoriika、Akahata、Akou、Kiara、Aji、Anago、Isaki、Unagi、Kisu、Kurumaebi、Kochi、Sazae、Shimaaji、Tachiuo、Hamo、Hiramasa、Meichidai、Amatekarei、Meitagarei、Suzuki etc…


Aji、Anago、Amadai、Kasago、Katsuo、Kamasu、Karei、Kinmedai、Sayori、Sanma、Shimaaji、Tachiuo、Hiramasa、Iseebi、Yariika、Umazurahagi、Akisake、Shimaebi、Modorigatsuo、Hatamata、Hokke etc…


Anago、Shiroamadai、Ishidai、Kasago、Kawahagi、Tako、Tubugai、Hirame、Tennenburi、Honmaguro、Mosu、Yokowa、Fugu、Ankou、TaraShirako、Kue、Menuke、Akoudai etc…

Main Suppliers

●Producers and brokers in each region

 ・Hokkaido・Hakodate / Nemuro


​ ・Kanazawa・Wajima



 ・Wakayama・Kada / Mishima / Yura / Gobou

 ・Osaka・Izumisano / Okadaura / Fuke

 ・Hyogo・Awajishima / Kasumi


​ ・Kumamoto・Amakusa

●Major markets in each region

Osaka Municipal Central wholesale Markets

Osaka City Central Wholesale Market Eastern Market

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (Toyosu Market)

Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market

Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market

Hyogo Akashi Wholesale Market

Fukuoka Central Wholesale Market

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2-2-11, Nihonbashinishi, Namiwa-ku, Osaka 556-0004, Japan

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FAX 06-6536-8496

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