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We started this business in the hope of maintaining as stable a distribution system as possible throughout the year to avoid large fluctuations in price and quality, which are affected by weather and catch, when handling fresh fish.

By introducing state-of-the-art 3D freezing technology, we are able to bring high-quality fresh fish that are landed during times of low demand to the market during times of highest demand, thereby contributing to the elimination of customer concerns and price stability.

At the same time, by offering stable purchase prices to producers, we will move forward with the goal of becoming a company that can permanently grow while maintaining an important position in all of the industry.

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Origin of company name

A word that replaced the word "yumemiru" (dreaming).

The name of the company, which did not exist until the launch of the company, was created with the hope that the distribution of fresh fish would become a reality by delivering satisfaction to our customers.

Corporate Philosophy

By providing satisfaction to customers that exceeds their expectations, we will enhance the company's existence value and permanently grow the company while increasing the satisfaction and happiness of employees through their work.

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We provide frozen fresh fish of such high quality that it is as good as fresh fish.

In addition, our strength is that we can usually guide you to fresh raw fish and also guide you to fish that is as good as raw as frozen fresh fish when the quality and price are not right.

Furthermore, in addition to providing frozen fresh fish, as a fishmonger we can also suggest alternatives.

 Frozen fish can be used as a substitute when there are no good fish available due to typhoons or other weather factors, when fish prices soar due to increased demand, or when announcements are made on grand menus, etc., and the product is not available.

We can promptly deliver not only seasonal new products, but also products immediately after the lifting of the ban by the various fishing cooperatives, thanks to our unique information and collection capabilities.

With fresh fish that can be purchased from domestic markets, we are able to meet various detailed needs such as size of fish, fat content, and processing methods according to customer requests.

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2-2-11, Nihonbashinishi, Namiwa-ku, Osaka 556-0004, Japan

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FAX 06-6536-8496

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